Our dogs are linebred to be prepotent, uniform, consistent producers generation, after generation, after generation. Working dogs are guaranteed to work. Show quality pups are guaranteed to stay show quality. 

Our dogs have full dentition and good scissor bites. 

  A+ = Pattern PRCD test A non affected plus QUALITY!! 

Tubs earned his HX on cattle at 11 years old. 3 high in trials.


Ch Buzzards Diesel Tuff

Top Producer 2007 & 2017


Ch Buzzards Blue Duramax


Ch Buzzards Shocken' Goanna

20" and 65lbs

Baer Normal
Full Dentition

PLL clear


Ch Brokenhearts

Hollywood Nights

Ch Buzzards Bet Your Boots


Ch Buzzards Sparks Will Fly


20" and 60lbs

Baer Normal
Full Dentition


Buzzards Fire in the Hole

Broken Hearts Hollywood Nights


Ch Buzzards Gotta Have Faith

19" and 50lbs


Baer Normal

Full Dentition

PLL clear

Tubs and Mr. T have been a major part 
in the foundation of our champion blood lines. 
That champion tradition has continued since 1964.


Ch Buzzards Red Tubs HX


19 1/2" and 56 Lbs

85 Champions - OFA Good

Genetically tested - 99.2% clear of deafness, overshot and undershot bite, kinked tails and PRA. Full dentetion and scissor bite.
February 3 1979 - March 13, 1992


Ch Rokglen Blue Phantom


20" and 70 lbs

48 Champions - OFA Fair

2nd Highest producer of all times Genetically tested 99.2% P.R.A.
April 27, 1984 - February 12, 1996

Where working dogs show and show dogs work.

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Theresa Buzzard-Couch

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Vinita, Oklahoma

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