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Colston Couch started showing Australian Cattle Dogs at age 7 when his papa Jim gave him a little 6 week old red pup to bring home. He named her Buzzards Limited Lexus (Lexi) and she soon became his best friend. Before he had turned 8 years old Colston finished not only Lexi, now Ch Buzzards Limited Lexus, but also Ch Buzzards Blueprint, showing in his straw cowboy hat, starched wranglers, cowboy boots, and red, white and blue shirts. Colston became well known for representing the breed and handling his Australian Cattle Dogs very well. As change occurs with all things, at age 13, he went from the well known cowboy attire to a professional look of a suit and tie. Colston began showing everyone that his winning wasn't just as a cute little cowboy but as a professional handler at the end of the lead with a nice dog. At the age of 14, Colston handled and won the Australian Cattle Dog Specialty in Belton, Texas becoming the youngest handler to ever win this event. Showing his buddy, BISS Ch Buzzards Maximus Red (aka Hank) under Judge Walter Sommerfelt, this ranked him as the #1 Red Australian Cattle Dog in the 2008 All Breed standing with several group placements. Colston has shown and finished several cattle dogs through the years as well as helping out with several professionals handlers. He enjoys the family sport and the friendships he has made along the way. Colston graduated high school in 2015 and still enjoys raising and showing the next generation of Australian Cattle Dogs.

Colston's first win in 2003 with his best friends Papa Jim and Lexi.

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