Buzzards Top Notch Drover


Gus loves and works with his owner David Brincat. When David was searching for an Australian Cattledog, he made numerous inquiries, and Buzzards were mentioned everytime he asked who's breeding for size, strength, and hard working natural ability. Now he's glad got a Buzzard Cattledog.  Read the full story.

Buzzards Top Notch Drover

Australian Cattle Dog Club United 2019


All winners at the ACDCU were ALL progeny of GCH Buzzard B’Dazzeled

GCH Buzzards Sweet as Molasses 

GCH Buzzards Luna B’Jeweled

New Ch Buzzards Ms Impressive

New Ch Buzzards Guard your Heart - Reserve Winners Dog

New Ch Buzzards Samson Strong - 1st Bred-by at ACDCU Jubilee

Buzzards Don’t Tell Delilah - 1st Bred-by ACDCU Jubilee

(Earning Samson and Delilah the Best Bred By Buckle as litter mates)

Luna BOB AKC NatChamp2020.jpg

SGCH Buzzards Luna B’Jeweled

Winning Best of Breed 2020 Royal Canine in

Orlando Florida


GCHS Ch Buzzards Emissary of The Prophets at Nail Hill FDC



CH Buzzards Silas Breaker of Chains

Ch Buzzards Enuff Said.jpg

Ch Buzzards Enuff Said

CH Buzzards Rollers Barry County Picker.

CH Buzzards Rollers Barry County Picker

CH Buzzards Graces Autumn Nights.PNG

CH Buzzards Graces Autumn Nights

Buzzards Dot Marks the Spot.jpg


Ch Buzzards Dot Marks the Spot

Ch Buzzards Diesel Tuff


GCH Buzzards B’Dazzeled

18 ½ and 45lbs


BAER Normal

Every Champion was once a Challenger.

-Jim Buzzard