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Its not goodbye...

...its till we meet again

Jim Buzzard

in over 55 Years of Breeding, Buzzards Australian Cattle Dogs has produced 4 AKC Dual Herding Champions and

more than 400 AKC Champions...

Jim Buzzard is the ONLY Australian Cattle Dog Breeder

to EVER win Breeder of the Year.

Jim Buzzard

Do you want to

make history

or witness it?

- Jim Buzzard

The best way to predict  the future... is to make it yourself.

- Jim Buzzard

There are 3 kinds of people:
Those who make  things happen, 
those who watch  things happen, 
& those who wonder  what happened.


- Jim Buzzard

Behind every  big  moment are lots of  small  ones.

-Jim Buzzard

Jim and daughter Theresa at Breeder of the Year.

A successful future

is the result of a legendary past.


-Jim Buzzard

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