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Jim Buzzard started his relentless pursuit of the perfect Australian Cattle Dog over 55 years ago which has led he and his family on some pretty fantastic journeys.

As Jim began to refine the type of Australian Cattle Dog needed for ranchers to work everyday he also realized the many things that he needed to pursue to really improve the breed, including health and genetic testing and winning in the conformation and herding show rings.

Jim's family was a strong part of this journey. As his children grew up, their roles became more defined as well.

Theresa, like Jim, had a passion for all things the Australian Cattle Dog could do, and as Jim traveled the world putting on herding clinics, Theresa was right there with him.

In 1998, Jim and Theresa went to Mexico to help teach others how versatile the Australian Cattle Dog could be. In 2001, Theresa began to take a bigger role with the dogs. She bred her first dog, Ch Buzzards Blue Duramax, and earned his championship by the time he was a year old.

In 2003, Jim was invited to go to Australia to put on a herding clinic and Theresa was there by his side, growing in her knowledge of the breed.

Jim and Theresa had Australian Cattle Dogs everywhere and it was only a matter of time before the younger members of the family became involved. In 2003, Papa Jim’s grandson, Colston Couch (age 7), was given his first Cattle Dog. Colston and his dog, Lexi, quickly hit the AKC conformation ring with Colston putting a championship title on her within just a couple of months. In 2008, Ch. Buzzards Limited Lexus (Lexi) was recognized as the dam of the most Australian Cattle Dog champions for that year.

From then on, Colston and Theresa began to show their Australian Cattle Dogs in show ring all over the U.S. and these correct Australian Cattle Dogs had great success. They finished many champions, and when they showed in the bred-by class, they finished over 18 Australian Cattle Dogs. Quite an accomplishment even for today.

In 2009, Colston (age 14) won the Australian Cattle Dog club National Specialty in Waco, Texas, being the youngest person to ever win a Specialty in Australian Cattle Dog history. Also Buzzards Australian Cattle Dogs were the first Australian Cattle Dog breeder to receive the AKC Breeder of Merit with Colston being the youngest to be presented this award.

The correct Australian Cattle Dog was of paramount importance, but being correct meant both in looks and temperament. Because of that, Jim and Theresa continued to put on herding clinics and seminars all over the country.

Quality is important to the Buzzards and in every Buzzard Australian Cattle Dog is generations of knowledge and care and even though the family has grown up, the passion has never changed and it won’t be a Buzzards Australian Cattle Dog unless it a REAL Australian Cattle Dog.

When you drink from the well

remember who dug it.

-Jim Buzzard

Extended Generations

The Extended Generations class was the only time Papa Jim got dressed up and in the show ring. No other competitors ever had a Father, Daughter and Grandson in the ring to show in this competition.

Jim Buzzard, Exteded Generatons
Jim Buzzard, Theresa Buzzard-Couch and Colston Couch

For Jim's 65th birthday, Jim, Theresa and Colston went to New York to see the Westminster Kennel Club dog show and to see the town.

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