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Our Champion Sires

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Our dogs are linebred to be prepotent, uniform, consistent producers generation, after generation, after generation. Working dogs are guaranteed to work. Show quality pups are guaranteed to stay show quality.

Our dogs have full dentition and good scissor bites.

  A+ = Pattern PRCD test A non affected plus QUALITY!! 

Tubs earned his HX on cattle at 11 years old. 3 high in trials. Pictured at 11 1/2 years old and still working cattle.


Genetically tested - 99.2% clear of deafness, overshot and undershot bite, kinked tails and PRA. Full dentetion and scissor bite.
February 3 1979 - March 13, 1992

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mr T


Tubs and Mr. T have been a major part 
in the foundation of our champion blood lines. 
That champion tradition has continued since 1964.

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Australian Import







Buzzards ACDs Australian Imports Boots

Boots Australian-American CH is proven in his progeny. He is proving to be very clear of recessive genetics such as deafness, bad bites, kinked tails, and PRA just to name a few. His offspring work in the pastures as well as in herding trial competitions across the U.S. They win in the show ring, in the stiffest competition and their son’s and daughters are making great strides as they walk in his tracks. Boots has proven to be one of the great sires. Watch for him in the pedigrees of the great ACD’S of the present and the future. When I purchased him in Australia I expected a lot. He has surpassed all of my expectations for him.
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Hollywood is a dog that shows great promise in our road to the ideal type we are striving for in phenotype as well as genotype with many generations of Buzzards breeding behind him with a little mix of new Australian blood lines from Flora McKeown in Queensland. He shows the true type that we feel fulfills the standard of the past, present and future of Australian Cattle Dogs. He is in the process of being proven in his progeny. Sorry he is not available for stud outside of our Kennel.


B'Moody Blues

Producer of Champions. He is proving to be a great producer of top of the standard progeny that work, show and make great companions, but look at his pedigree and see that it is full of working dogs that are proven producers like Kickin’ Up Dust, Tubs, Mr T and his mother Bonnie of course. Champions, proven workers, clean genetics and breed improvers. The pedigree says it all.



His daughters and sons sisters and brothers have had a lot to do with where our kennel is today. Duramax is a big broad headed heavy boned champion that works cattle on the ranch. Great temperament that is still protective of his surroundings. Watch for his pedigree in the great one that come out of our kennel.

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Okie is a young dog that is soon to be tested in our program. A clean red dog from CH Katrina a top producer in all statistics of ACD’S and sired by our great Australian import An Australian and American Champion, Boots.


Pictured with litter mate GCH Buzzards Caught Ya Redhanded

If they are not bred to be GREAT they will never produce GREAT
by W.C. McDonald

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